Style Coaching Service

Sometimes it is difficult to sift through all the fashion options that are available, as we try to find the right look to complement our personality, age, body type and budget. Lizology can help! If you would like to schedule a personal Style Coach appointment with Liz herself, please contact us. We want every woman to feel good about herself, and sometimes a little style encouragement gets the process started.

Listen to what one of our clients have said about our coaching service…

Liz helped me enormously with my wardrobe. First she came to my house and spent 2-3 hours going through my closet. She pointed out things I needed to just get rid of because they were outdated or weren’t right for my body type or coloring. A few items that I had just purchased and liked but maybe weren’t exactly right, she suggested other ways to wear, like adding a belt or different layering. I threw out a lot of clothes but with the remainder in my closet she helped me put together 18 different outfits. And, I hadn’t even gone shopping yet!

My “shopping spree” was a blast with Liz. I hadn’t bought new clothes in months….shopping depressed me. Liz took me to a couple of stores and spent several hours helping me choose items and then evaluate how they looked. She pointed out ways to coordinate and recommended styles for my body type. I must have tried on 50 different outfits. The clerks and other women in the fitting room were mesmerized by Liz’s suggestions and knowledge. It was the most fun I had had in a long time. I highly recommend it for a huge pick me up. At the end, I purchased a number of basics/must haves like black and gray pants and white blouse. Also several jackets that could be worn with different bottoms and tops adding a huge dimension to my wardrobe. With coupons and a first time buyer discount, I actually got $700 worth of clothes for less than $500. I probably added another 15-20 outfit options.

Liz knows her stuff and she can help you in a way that is not intimidating. It’s not your size that matters – it’s what you wear, how you wear it and what you wear it with. She taught me a lot and I can’t tell you how many people noticed the change and liked it.

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